About Norfolk Greyhound Rescue

Norfolk Greyhound Rescue is a small local non-profit organisation whose main aim is finding caring people to rehome Irish greyhounds – ex racers and also those that never made it to the track. This is because there are literally thousands of dogs that either don’t make the grade, or are discarded once they are no longer able to race. Without the intervention of greyhound rescue organisations, many meet a very sad end. We also work with other charities and help lurchers looking for their forever home.

Something we are often asked is “Where are you based?” The answer is, broadly, in and around Norwich and the North Norfolk Coast. We have no actual central kennels though – we are not Battersea!

The reason for this is that we prefer the hounds to be housed in foster homes when they reach the UK. This is kinder to the dogs, as they get to experience some of the love and luxury of life as a pet. Whilst they are in foster care their fosterer can assess their personalities, start training, and be able to tell the potential adopter much more about the hound. Most foster homes are in Norfolk but if you live outside the county and can foster a hound for us, please get in touch.

This is Pixie, a real glamour puss – and she knows it!

Although we do plan to have backup kennelling arrangements, the fostering model is far preferable for both hound and future forever parents. Just seeing lines of dogs in kennel cages and choosing them by an “eeny meeny miny mo” system is far inferior.

We offer ongoing support, advice and meet up regularly for social events and fundraisers.

Everyone is welcome and we love to see our hounds with their adopters and hear all about how they are getting on in their new lives.

Whilst far from obligatory, we welcome those who adopt a hound and decide to help out in any way they can.  This need not be onerous at all.  Just spending an hour or so at one of our collections is a tremendous help.  You can also try to attend our events.

The Norfolk Greyhound Rescue Comitee

Our committee is made up of experienced rescuers which means the pool of knowledge is enormous.  This means that any advice you may need is readily available.

We also have a qualified animal behaviourist on board to advise on any behaviour problems you may encounter.  It must be said that rescued greyhounds tend to have few problems in that area.  It seems they display their gratitude for having love, proper food and a warm bed by exemplary behaviour.

Few people ever regret making the move into the wonderful world of greyhound rescue.