The Adoption Process and form

  • The first step is to fill in our adoption application form and return to us.
  • You can complete the adoption enquiry form here. Hayley or Sue will then contact you to arrange a home visit.
  • All dogs coming over from Ireland will have a Pet Passport. They will be neutered/spayed, be fully vaccinated, including a rabies vaccination, wormed, given flea treatment and have a dental check. They will also be micro-chipped. This is a permanent form of identification for each individual dog. Once the dog is adopted then the microchip information on the database will have to be changed to adopters details. From April 6th 2016 it will be a legal requirement to keep up to date contact details on the database.
  • Significant costs are incurred when bringing a dog over from Ireland and we ask for a suggested donation of £275 and any donation made to NGR is a voluntary one., any donation that you can make is very gratefully received. If you are a UK taxpayer then we will ask you to gift aid your donation. This doesn’t incure any additional costs to you but means we can claim back from the Inland Revenue the tax that you will have already paid on the amount you have donated.
  • We then ask you to sign an adoption agreement form, this will include an agreement that if for any reason you decide to give your dog up then the dog must be handed back to us.
  • Also if a young dog is adopted that hasn’t been neutered/spayed then it must be agreed that this will be carried out once the dog is old enough.
  • We will also ask you to insure your dog. This is essential as vet fees are becoming more and more expensive and a minor injury could set you back hundreds of pounds.
  • You are then given your dog’s vaccination card, Pet Passport, micro-chip information and a copy of the adoption agreement form.
  • There will be back up phone calls from us to ensure that things are going smoothly with settling in and if there are any problems then our qualified behaviourist will contact you to offer free advice and visit if necessary.

Adoption Enquiry Form

Thank you for your interest in adopting your Greyhound from Norfolk Greyhound Rescue. Please fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We ask for full details to enable us to advise you on an appropriate dog for you.

Unless marked “Optional” please ensure you have filled in all of the fields. The form will not be submitted if any fields marked with an asterisk (*) are left blank.

To comply with the EU’s GDPR regulations we now require consent for Norfolk Greyhound Rescue to collect and store your data. (Sorry!)