Bailey, female greyhound, 3 years of age.

( currently in foster in Ireland & travelling to the UK 3rd Dec )

Ready to travel Fantastic lady who loves her comfort Family home with adults only or teenagers.

A real people dog, she really loves to be with you, and loves her creature comforts.  Bailey is a well behaved girl, is a good girl when her food is being served, and will wait patiently, and will only eat it once you’ve clicked your fingers.

The same method of clicking fingers cane used to indicate for Bailey to go to her bed.

Clean indoors. Bailey can be a bit protective of her bed, so no small children. It’s the old saying, let sleeping dogs lie !!

Bailey loves her food and will steal food if left about., so don’t leave it out, and that’s quickly resolved.

Bailey is a greyhound, and gets on well with other dogs. Not cat friendly.

Travels well.

Noises like fireworks doesn’t seem to bother her.