Handsome boy, very freindly and such a handsome lemon brindle boy too.
Lemon brindle.  Who is currently in foster with a family in Wiltshire, including two children age 10+
This is what is foster mum Paula told us about Bruce.
Bruce is 5 years old and retired from his racing career in October 2020. Bruce came to us straight from kennels and, at first, everything was a surprise. He’s now used to the TV, washing machine etc and the comings and goings of normal daily life.
He has not been up the stairs and we have not encouraged him to learn.
Bruce will do well in a home with plenty of space, as he’s a big boy, with a big heart to match.
I think he would be OK as an only dog, but he loves the company of my other greyhound. He loves to be around his hooman’s, to be fussed and cuddled, almost as much as he loves to lie in bed, snoozing.!
Bruce doesn’t like to be left alone and will make plenty of noise to let you know he’s not happy.  But with covid, the family have been home most of the time.  (Building up to leaving Bruce would need to be worked on which NGR would be happy to help with.)
He gets on really well with my children, age 12 and 14, and loves to play chase/catch in the garden. He may be a bit too bouncy for small children and may knock them over inadvertently.
Bruce has quickly learned to be clean at home, with no accidents, and is happy to sleep in his crate at night (and you’ll find him snoozing in there quite often in the day as well).
He walks really well on the lead (he has a harness), but is reactive to other dogs on our walk, so needs a strong arm to hold him when he sees them.
This is an area that can be worked on and will improve with time. He’s only been in our car once, when we brought him home, but he laid down and seemed happy looking out of the window.
Age 5 ( d.o.b. 15.09.15 )
Not cat friendly.
Bruce is a stunning lemon brindle who wasn’t too keen on having his picture taken. Bruce is five years old and 27″ to the shoulder.
He is a quiet lad who is good on the lead and is friendly and affectionate.
Bruce has not been around other breeds of dogs only greyhounds but is quite content to be an only dog. If you would like Bruce in your life then please get in touch.
Bruce will be neutered and vaccinated.