New boy on the block, he is a stunner of a boy and is now in foster at Camberley with several other dogs.

Clearly he loves having his picture taken 😂🙈  Chas has been great with all other dogs, that he has met so far.

Champ was born in March 2019 and is looking for his forever home.

Champ is coursing breeding so he is well built and can be eager to start with on his walks, but soon settles down.

Champ is a quiet and affectionate boy who would make a lovely companion for a family with older children and no cats.

If you would like this lovely lad in your life then please get in touch.


Update from Champs foster mum.
Champ arrived just a week ago.
beautiful Champ is still doing really well.
Today he met Rupert an entire male and was as good as gold.
A friend came round with a pretty small dog and although Champ was curious when little dog was squeeling at the parrot he was not super excited. he does enjoy his walks.
Chap is a bit of a whimp really ,
he’s just freaked out at the shadows on the ceiling bless him.
The handsome hound has starting to show interest in toys and has been up and down the stairs a few times.
Champ is a total sweetheart . ♥️