Ernie’s been with us since April 2020, sharing the home with two children and an old Jack Russel female. After Ive been diagnosed with an auto immune disease which is vascular a few months ago my heath is such due to hospital stays and appointments Im unable to offer this beautiful Patterdale cross the care and exercise he needs. Hes come on so much during this time.
A bundle of energy, very lively young dog, 2 in February 2021
Loves outside stimulation, lots of walks and human company
Is good with children (over 6)
Beautiful physic and coat, a very handsome boy
Loves other dogs, very playful with other dogs
Great fun to be with and makes me laugh everyday
Loves to sit with you and be in the same room
Would make a fantastic ratter as his prey drive is very strong
Walks well on a lead
Well socialised with other dogs
Is a good boy being showered and having his coat hand stripped every 5 or so months to keep him tidy.
Low maintenance short coat
Loves a fuss and tunny rub
Is in great health
Ernie is a clever little dog
Was previously fostered by a family with a child
Special requirements
Needs to be raw fed as very sensitive digestion. It took over two months once on raw for his system to calm down. If fed grains is very itchy and scratches a lot. If not fed on raw diet he has really bad strong wind and a poorly tummy. No tripe as this also upsets his digestion. Loves chickens feet, bunny ears and other natural doggie treats.
If living with another dog, ideally Ernie would need a larger bread as he is very bouncy and for the other dog to be neutered as he can show mild aggression if the males entire.
An experienced dog owner as Ernie still has some challenging behaviours, however he is still a young boy and food motivated so with more training would improve. Ernies recall if he sees a bird or any other small furry is questionable. He does come back but only after having some fun chasing his prey. He does not get along with cats and if living in a home with small furrys, would at the first opportunity pounce on them.
Ernie is very sensitive around his front paws, perhaps from previous mistreatment or injury. He does not like his nails being trimmed at the front and finds this extremely distressing, either with a nail grinder, emery board or clippers. He will allow you to stroke his feet which is great progress and this will need working on. He is also sensitive around his rib cage when putting on his coat or harness. I think he may have had a rib broken as a puppy as he has a lump on one. Lots of daily walks would wear his nails down naturally avoiding this issue. He is also nervous about being wiped down after a muddy walk and will give a little growl.
If Ernie is told off he will bark at you, which ongoing training will iron out.
Ernie needs feeding separately from other dogs, this includes dog treats and bones as he can be aggressive if the other dog is near his bone.
He suffers with separation anxiety and when crated for a short time manages to escape by bending the crate and collapsing it. He can be left for under an hour un-crated however after that he will find his own entertainment. He likes food based games to distract him. Ernie just want to be with his human all the time and would not cope with being left regularly as would become distressed.
Ernie Needs:-
A family that is patient and willing to continue with his training, he’s made excellent progress so far
Lots of company and play (it took Ernie a good 6 month before his playful side came out) but he is so playful now
Raw fed diet
Lots and lots of exercise, loves to run and walk. If he is not walked enough he will get up to mischief so be warned
Hand stripping doggie groom a couple of times a year
If living with another hound they would need to be tolerant to scampish, lively, bouncy antics and puppy behaviour
Ernie doesnt like raised voices as will run off and hide if the children are too lively so older children or a quiter home.
Lots of love and snuggles