Meet the stunning little Saluki X girl Evie.
Age 12 months old.
approx 22/23tts
Not cat friendly – currently in foster home with children and small dog in Ireland.
Evie is a very happy, energetic small girl. She adores playing with all other dogs. She loves being out doors sunbathing and dashing round the large garden in her foster home.
Evie is somewhat disappointed the weather has turned cold and she now has to be indoors.
She loves kids, she is in foster with a 2yo & 5yo ( please not that NGR do not home to families with children under the age of five years old. )
Evie is a super little girl. She can be bossy is allowed. She is not a couch potato. Evie will need a home with a garden, she would love an equally matched hound to play with.
She can a bit excited and jump up at people when she meets them. Evie will make a funny little noise in the morning and when she is happy to see you. This can be mistaken for a growl…. it most definitely not a growl.
She is 100% clean indoors. She travels well, can be left for 3/4 hours with another hound. Good on the lead.
Her only flaw is she does like to have a chew if you leave your shoes out, or the kids toys if ( again ) you leave them laying about.
Evie is quite food orientated, so she will be an easy, quick to learn girl. She would need to be fed separately incase there were any food issues with a new home and dog in her world., but this is something we advice all owners who have a dog in situ already. Her recall is a working progress.
The foster mum in Ireland is happy to speak to any potential owner’s in the UK.