Jake & Finn

NGR are looking for a new home for these two great little JRT.
Meet Jake 13 & Finn is 8 years old.
Both are microchipped, neutered and vaccinated.
We are quiet boys and very loving. We get on with all dogs and we adore cuddles. We have been together all our lives, and we need a home where we can stay together.
We would be heartbroken if we were parted.
NGR is determined to find Jake and Finn a home together.
NGR would be happy to help with vet costs, as Jake will be too old to insure and has awful arthritis. He is not going to be a dog that you can take for long walks. He really would just like to stay in the garden.
A quiet home with a nice little garden to potter about in. A retired couple local to Norwich would be great.
They are not cat friendly. If you are interested in the boys, please do apply through the NGR website. Jake and Finn are currently in Ireland in foster with Cara Rescue.