Hazel, is the sweetest brindle girl. Small dog friendly. Travels well. And is an all round happy, good with kids kinda gal.
Approx 27”tts.
D.o.b. 03.10.17
Not cat friendly
Hazel is neutered, vaccinated and chipped.
Here is what her foster mum Clare Stella us.
Hazel is a lovely girl, likes snoozing and also likes walks in the fields. Friendly to with the kids , loves being outside with them.
Has been clean in the house since arriving. She has been having 3 walks a day, meeting people/dogs/and kids.
She is fine being left, always greets you with a wagging tail. Having 2 meals a day. She is learning the “leave” , and is doing well, this is being used for when her dinner is put down , she “leaves” for her food, ready for her being told she can have it.
Takes treats nicely.
Hazel is a good girl