Isabel is three years old and has lived with her mum Jane since being born. Jane gave birth to a litter and because most of then were nervous dogs they have not been handled by many people , only one person in fact so meeting new people can be scary for Isabel.

Isabel is as tiny as her mum at 25″ to the shoulder. Isabel will travel in the car but she maybe nervous getting in and out of it. I would like to find a nice quiet home for Isabel where she can flourish at her own pace with a calm and confident owner/s. She is fine with other greyhounds but has not met any other breeds.

Isabel has never raced. In face she has not had much socialisation at all. If you feel you can care for Isabel and help her reach her full potential then please get in touch.

A quiet, calm home in a rural location with experience of timid dogs will help.  Another hound for confidence will be great.