So Jack came over this afternoon to see how he got on with the other dogs. ( currently in Ireland. )
Jack  is a big strong boy looking for his forever home.
When Jack met the small dogs, he was keen to say hello. But,  was soon off lead running with them all.
Jack will need time and patience as he does have a few quirkes!!
He can bed and food guard so would probably be best suited in a house as an only dog or with another big dog.
Jack is very affectionate and has been really good with the dogs today.
This is about him learning to transition into pet life, learn to relax and enjoy life.
Jack is 30 inches to the shoulder and pure muscle.
I will try and work with him over the next few weeks integrating him with my gang and getting him out for a few walks and to see how we get on.
Jack is a large handsome lad who would love a sofa to lay on like his sister Rosie who was homed a few weeks ago, and she is doing amazing.
If you would like to give Jack a chance then please get in touch.
He will be worth the wait! ♥️????
Jack would not be cat friendly.