Born Sept 2018
Black male greyhound
Approx 28″ tts
Jet is a 3 year old greyhound looking for his forever home. He is a really friendly boy who is so excited to say hello to new people.
Jet has the most beautiful amber eyes and was more than happy to pose for his photo shoot.
Jet has only mixed with other greyhounds, but he pays no attention to the neighbour’s small dogs when he passes their gate on walks.
He has such a wonderful temperament, enjoys going on his walks, does the stairs well and settles down beautifully at night time. Even the recent fireworks didn’t bother him!
Jet loves zooming around, tearing up the newspaper (cheeky monkey) and bouncing around like a kangaroo, which is probably why he also loves to find a sofa and sleep the hours away.
When he’s awake, Jet loves meeting people and other dogs when out and about. Jet loves to cuddle up on the sofa and watch the rugby. However, you’ve got to keep a close on him in the kitchen, as he will happily jump up and help himself to whatever he can find.
He is a delightful greyhound who would be a joy for anyone to welcome into their house for his forever home.
Full profile on the NGR website. He is not cat friendly. Travels well. Clean indoors.