Meet the amazing Jet, unfortunately, he is having to find a new forever home.
Completely not his fault the family are having to rehome Jet due to unforeseen circumstances.
This is what his family tell us about Jet.
He 6 years old in september.
Very healthy up to date with vacs ect.
Vet saw him in december and said he showed no signs of any problems. Has good teeth ( he has them brushed which he tolerates ).
Jet has been a really loved family pet with us for the past year and bit, we are completely devastated.
He is clean indoors.
Jet has been great with my young daughter.
Not destructive.
Has lovely personality and just loves all people. Hes a quiet boy who communicates by whining mostly and looking at you!
We have spent some good time training him and he does have some commands he follows well when firm ( like most greyhounds he does sometimes ignore your requests!) (his commands are wait, back, away, come, heel and leave it which he does with both voice and hand signals).
He loves his cuddly toys (non squeaky as these are way too exciting) and also likes to collect our shoes and clothes when we arnt around and place them on his bed.
He loves his walks and happily goes out for roughly an hour, but we are mindful of his legs as he has had damage to his fronts legs which when tired will shake ( he does have wrist braces which he is also used to wearing when needed).
When walking he has a tendency to pull, living in a rural area, he is keen to find the squirrels !! so we walk him on a figure of 8 lead attached to hound collar which works very well along with his heel command.
We don’t let jet off lead as he isn’t fully reliable, and like a typical greyhound has selective hearing, if sees something he will give chase.
His ideal new family would be either a small family with well mannered child or single person or couple with a garden.
He has been fine living on his own with us, but he would be equally happy living with another calm quiet greyhound.
Jet doesn’t do too much playing and if a dog becomes to bouncy Jet can get far to excited and boisterious.
Jet couldn’t live with small breeds of dog and absolutely no cats or other small fluffy pets.
Jet is very happy when you come home, which manifests itself when you return home with a lot of noise yawning panting and over excitement, we just ignore him till he calms then praise the calm behaviour.
Saying this he can easily be left for 6 hours without any problems.
Jet sleeps on his own bed downstairs overnight and he doesn’t go on sofa ( purely down to it not being big enough for us all) he is fine with this and settles down fine.
He currently eats dry biscuits along (salters maintaince £65 a bag roughly) which we find best for his stomach which can be a little sensitive.
Jet will slip out the door if you’re not paying attention, or if the door is left open.
So, new owners would be need to be very careful with front doors.