Meet the absolutely lovely Livie ( Olive ) she is currently in a foster home in Ireland.

d.o.b 10/05/19

A very confident girl, who has soon made herself at home at the foster home in Ireland.

Livie is a nosey girl, and quite curious, she will follow you about and nose into what you’re doing.

Loves her diners, but she also loves human food, so you may need to make sure you put your sandwiches away !

A playful girl, who enjoying playing and tossing about the couch pillows, she will play with them and take them to her bed.

Livie has only been in her foster home a few days, but has made herself at home, plays with toys, and has one favourite that she loves to chew.

A very chilled out lady. Livie is a funny has a funny nature to her.  She will throw herself tot he floor to lay down and has made us laugh on a few occasions.

Gentle and patient with kids, she will play ball all day.

Good on the lead, and even though she is interested din other dogs, she is easily distracted and will just carry on walking.

Livie is a clean girl, and will always do her toilet as soon as she is out,

Livie can be a messy eater, and will leave kibble on the floor along with lapping’s of water when she drinks.    Livie loves to have a chew, so you will need to have plenty of toys in place and not leave TV remote controls all over the place.   Livie does love a kong !

Unsure of stairs, at the moment.

The two negatives are not cat friendly and watch your human food !