Pet name : Messi – currently in foster at Camberley, with several other dogs.
DOB: 25/04/2018
Height 30″ tts
Weight 38kgs
His foster mum tells us …..
Messi is a stunning lad just looking for a fun household to have the craic!
Messi was a really quiet boy while I was not in the room, he did drink my tea ( no biscuits though ) hes had a bath and a brush as he was a bit smelly and had a lot of loose kennel coat.
Messi stood beautifully while we did it.
He loves his treats and is very nosy , not fussed at all by the parrot so far and scared of the tortoise.
I think hes gonna be a real character.
Messi is fab on the lead, and a very sociable lad.  He would make a great addition to any family.
He loves to play and to mess around.
He is good on the lead and good to travel, he has only been around other greys so introductions to other breeds should be done carefully.
Messi is not cat friendly