Meet young brindle boy, called Pringle.

Dob : June 2020
Male brindle neutered greyhound
Not cat friendly
Pringle came in to us today and he is a young puppyish boy looking for his forever home.
Pringle was born with a birth defect in his feet where the ligaments did not form correctly in one paw which causes him to have a ‘flat’ paw and he has a wonky toe on his other paw.
But of course this does not stop the lovely Pringle running and jumping around, he loves to gallop and runs beautifully in a straight line but is not the best on going round the corner.
Pringle is good with other dogs but introductions to small fluffy dogs will need time and patience as he wouldn’t know what the were.
Pringle is very affectionate and loves being around children.
So if Pringle would be welcomed into your family then please get in touch.
He was born with wonky feet, and as such he won’t have to endure racing.
He has one flat foot and one normal foot with a wonky toe.
He can gallop straight but is not to great on corners 😂😂
Pringle is a happy, go lucky boy. Who loves other people, and dogs alike.
He is 30kg ( height to be confirmed ) currently in Ireland, but travelling to the UK in Aug.