An update on Ramos who arrived this week.
Settling in really well and doesn’t appear to be phased by anything, absolutely fine with all the other dogs in the house, including my small Jack Russell terrier.
He is in amazing condition, eats well and doesn’t appear to have any guarding or food aggression issues.
Sleeps through the night in our room and goes up and down the stairs happily.
Ramos is a young boy and does need more attention and exercise than my older Greys in the foster home.
It’s a brand new world Ramos is discovering and he is very inquisitive and will pick up items, he doesn’t chew anything. But is early days and as he gets used to routine and life in the home, is curiosities will lessen.
He has been clean in the house. Travels well.
He is a big boy (around 40kg’s) and can easily reach the counter tops, so no food items should be left within reach. He appears to be a calm boy and loves cuddles and strokes.
He really is a lovely boy and walks beautifully on the lead.
Not cat friendly.
Currently in foster at Sudbury.