Currently in foster Buckinghamshire.
d.o.b 30/04/15
Small dog friendly
approx 27/28″ tts
Not cat friendly.
This stunner is sky, who was taken to the vets to be put to sleep.
Sky had had a littler of pups , it’s so sad, as they all died.
Sky unfortunately then got an really bad infection of the womb, her owner at the time, decided to have her put to sleep. The vet, was the hero of the day and contacted Louise ( who NGR have taken lots of hounds from ) who in turn contacted NGR to see if we could help with costs and homing. Of course we said yes.
Sky is a 5 year old retired greyhound she’s a lovely girl who’s just starting to come out of her shell.
She walks well on the lead but can be strong at times and is interested in what’s going on about her, she is clean in the house, travels well in the car and gets excited to see you when you come home.
She can be left ffor a time on her own she just sleeps bless her.
Sky is fine with the small dogs in the house but wouldn’t trust her 100 %  with small dogs off lead as yet.  Sky loves toys, ear rubs and blackberries.
Currently in foster with several dogs, of all sizes. Also the foster home has ferrets, which Sky takes no notice of at all !