Stirling & Cody

NGR have been asked to come this beautiful and bonded pair of hounds.
Stirling ( scruffy ) does pull on the lead with excitement but is much better with a harness and is
a lot easier to manage and once she as had a run on the way back on the lead she doesn’t pull.
Stirling is good off the lead and recall is good but can be of a goof with other dogs around as she gets excited but if you get to far she will run over to you.
She gets on with other dogs fine.
Stirling is a typical lurcher and has that prey drive in her.  She is not cat friendly.
Stirling has been vaccinated and has been spayed.
You can leave her alone in the house and she is fine in the car to and has no health issues.
Cody is brilliant on the lead and doesn’t pull at all, he is good off the lead but can be excited round dogs and people , he loves people bless him,  he is eager to greet everyone.
Cody is a fairly large lad.
He trys to follow people but soon as you get a distance runs back to you.
Cody does not have the prey drive that Stirling has,  as he has a lot more laid back character.
Cody is okay alone only small period of time , he is vaccinated and neutered. Cody has no health issues, but he does get travel sick in cars.
**Note before we moved house and we had different jobs before covid they could be left hours alone, but due to us both doing more hours we don’t have the time to do the house rules again sadly but won’t take much for the right owner. **