Meet the handsome boy Taco.
30” TTS.
Taco is a fab boy, who is currently in foster with The Haven Rescue in Ireland.
Taco is quite a timid boy, and has come on in leaps and bounds. But, life is still a little scary.
A home with the company of other dogs would be ideal.
Taco can be a bit nervous of new situations and people, but once he gets to know and trust you his love will be unconditional.

Given time to settle he is a very happy, affectionate lad., and is confident with the people,he knows.
Good on the lead, but still a bit cautious. A home with teenage kids would be okay., but small Children would be to noisy for him.
Taco is a playful happy hound waiting for his chance to find his forever home. Can be left, has no issues. An all round fab greyhound boy. 💕🐾🐕