Getting Your Dog to Take Pills

Pills into Dogs

This all started with Pingu (Di Davies’ hound) getting pancreatitis and Di asking her Facebook Friends if they had any idea about getting tablets into the hound.  Oh what a sneaky lot you all are and how very clever.  I said couldn’t we put the ideas onto our website so I could look them up and not have to try and remember them, so yes, you are correct, Di gave me the job to do.   Well there were so many answers it was a job to sort out the best so here are just a few of them which may or may not help;   this one is the one I favoured and thought might work with my hounds Brinnie and Katie who are extremely fussy with food.

  • A little grated cheese on a plate and microwave for 10 seconds put the pill in the melted gooeyness and mould into shape.  The dog smells the cheese and not the pill.  You could use low fat cheese if necessary.
    Alternatively, grind the pill to fine dust, place in the melted cheese and mould into shape, put the cheese into the roof of his mouth and he will lick the cheese and down goes the pill.  Do ensure you don’t burn your fingers or, more importantly, the dogs mouth.
  • Smelly fish pate was suggested by several people as was rolling pill in sausage, banana, chicken or turkey, fish fingers or even tuna, depending on what the little darlings will eat.
  • Mashed sweet potato, oats and peanut butter, cook in the microwave then make into a ‘cookie’ they come our soft and spongy and you can pop the pill into that.  What would we do without the microwave.
  • Put tin of corned beef into the fridge until chilled, then slice very thinly 2 or 2 mm, then a tiny bit of low fat soft cheese, spread over the corned beef and add pill to the sticky cheese.
  • There’s a suggestion that liver cake is doggie heroin apparently or indeed tinned tripe! Ugh.


Well that’s it folks, hope some of it helps, good luck.

Sylvia Willingale.