100% natural 250ml Hemp Anxiety spray - behavioural aid


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  • NO MORE STRESS – An Aggressive Nervous Pet Can Be Source Of Embarrassment For Owner And Distress For Public, Everyone Wants Their Pet To Be Calm And Composed In Every Situation. Cooper & Gracie’s Pet Hemp Aid Anxiety Spray Is Formulated To Help And Relieve Symptoms Of Anxieties In Both Canine And Felines Caused By Every Day Stressors
  • INSTANT BEHAVIORAL AID FOR DOG, CAT OR PET – HEMP AID ANXIETY SPRAY with its natural properties acts modifies and transforms pet behavior in stressful conditions such as traveling and can also aid in reducing constant barking, scratching, chewing and aggressive behavior
  • HELPS WITH HYPERACTIVE AND AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR – Many Dogs Or Cats Get Upset And Display Disruptive Behavior Like Tearing Up, Chewing Furniture, Howling And Whining When Their Pet Parents Leave The House. Hemp Aid Anxiety Spray Helps Your Dog To Naturally Mitigate Symptoms Of Nervousness So They Feel Calmer And Composed
  • MADE IN UK – Hemp Aid Anxiety Spray Is Tested And Developed In UK By Our Expert Team. It Is Free From Animal Cruelty, Is Organic And Natural With No Harmful Side Effects. It also Features The Amazingly Fresh Calming Smell. The Fresh Hemp Scent Will Leave Your Dog Smelling Gorgeous!


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